Open Data

Transparency in our data... More detailed data will be shared after the public release. At the moment it is very volatile.

341 Users

18 approved


1754 Posts

1619 Images, 82 Links, 53 Texts


513 Collections

490 Public, 23 Private


Running Cost

What does it cost to run this website?

Last update on Nov 9, 2019

Service Cost (Monthly)
Total: $31.83
Digital Ocean Droplet (hosting the website) $20.00
GSuite (email) $6.00
Digital Ocean Space (hosting images) $5.00
Godaddy (domain) $0.83
SendGrid (automated email delivery, free up to 2k/mth) $0
SSL Certificate ( for now) $0
Github (source code, issue tracking, project management) $0
Cloudflare (caching and SSL) $0
Slack (communication and update notifications) $0
Twitter (user support) $0
Google Analytics (website traffic analytics) $0
Figma (design software) $0
Advertisement (meh!) $0


Here is a list of things we are working on. If you have any different feature request, please reach us at [email protected]

Last update on Dec 17, 2019

  • In Progress
  • Chrome Plugin (image upload)
  • Next
  • Follow users
  • Search (User + Collection + Post)
  • Export collections as .zip or .pdf
  • Twitter & Facebook Login
  • Safari Plugin
  • Future
  • Post comments
  • Import from Instagram, Tumblr
  • Auto screenshot for Link post type
  • API
  • iOS App


What we have pushed so far...

Last update on July 02, 2020

  • Jun 2020

  • Many minor bug fixes.
  • New Post and New category modals' design clean up.
  • Admin panel improvements (Datagrid)
  • Chrome extension's Context Menu (WIP)
  • January → April 2020

  • 😷 What a crazy time we've had this year! Our priorities has changed a bit during the beginning of COVID-19.
  • December 2019

  • Enabled multiple image selection to upload.
  • Published Chrome Extension V0.1 that saves Link.
  • Enabled "Forgot password" form.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor bugs.
  • November 2019

  • Opened feed and profile access to all visitors.
  • Added total views numbers to roadmap page.
  • Fixed post and collection edit forms.
  • Overal UI improvements for post view.
  • Fixed png upload bug and collection post counter for multiple uploads.
  • Multiple image upload.
  • Added a few collections to landing page.
  • User dropdown menu.
  • Released Pinterest import feature.
  • Random sorting for feed.
  • Better page title and meta data.
  • Alphabetical order for user's collections in the new post modal.
  • Generated friendly urls for all pages.
  • Moved production from beta url to main url.
  • Released this Roadmap page to share the progress publicly.
  • October 2019

  • Primary navigation update. Filtering feed based on Post type and Collection.
  • Fix navigation back from post view to posts view.

There are 300+ Github commits until this point. So I probbaly won't be covering those past updates in here, at least not for a while.